10. výročí VŠ střediska pro letecké sporty ve Staré Aerovce

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        • Lovely! SO much better with these fabrics than the example on the MM website! Maybe you could back it with some flannel, I think flannel is called different in the UK though. Anyway, have done a little shopping for the surprise I'm sending you later this summer. 🙂

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      • When next you head that way … right next door is where we got the pebbles for the pond. Wonderful selection, all colours, and all sizes. Then there’s Ludwig’s Roses. Next door to them is Van den Berg, my first choice for a wide selection of indigenous. Especially trees! And the Joostenberg Deli, does cake to die for. (Closed on Mondays?)

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      • Out-of-state, this runs about $1100 for the landowner, $366 for the state, $250 or so for the processor, plus travel expenses……..DJThat elk meat probably is costing you north of $12-15 a pound. I can buy Ranch raised (organic, I know the rancher) beef for around one quarter of that.Ted

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      • on it was lovely seeing you Steven – I am heartened that you so enjoyed being there and that Dave got to meet Tom – where were you. Just so you know, I am back at home now (tom went straight from airport to school) – and I have just turned my machine on to show Nikki your amazing photos – which I will do as soon as reply to your comment.They are fab. Tom and I looked at them in the airport – they are very special to us – so thank you…

      • "If this is so, how can serious people be saying that we should expand borrowing to finance more stimulus because markets are telling us there is a huge demand for more safe assets like Treasuries?"..because they are either ignorant or unserious. I keep pointing this point out and they keep ignoring it.

        • Christy napsal:

          your starting point is 'democracy' by the tyranny of the majority rather than the "Republic" under the Rule of Law..?Talk about unpatriotic scum……… it's true we've got problems …. and the trails all lead to coscse/somialiit/umeful-idiot thinkers like you………….the ballott box was defrauded …. the 'votes' were illegal in the 1st instant …. usurpation is the consequence … a usurper is a usurper … a POTUS is a POTUS … you've made your choice, deal with it…….

        • You speak in the future tense. Leftists have always condemned not just doctors but all professions as greedy plutocrats. Envy disguised as Compassion is the essential selling point of leftism from the time of Marx onward.

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          That’s really thinking of the highest order

      • Hallo Jan,je stelde me zondagavond j.l. een vraag in #102, ik heb je mijn antwoord gegeven in #103, verder heeft aki200 ook wat vragen (op zijn eigen manier) beantwoord. het is ondertussen dinsdagavond 22.00 uur en je hebt nog niet gereageerd en ik ben toch wel nieuwsgierig wat je van mijn antwoord vind, dus ik hoop dat je alsnog een reactie wilt plaatsen.met vriendelijke groeten van paulwerdhicham.

        • Armena napsal:

          Second I got the book I read it all they way through! I feel with each new book I learn more about each character and become more attached to them! Now I have to wait for the next book While I wait for the sadly last book I will just have to reread the series again! Thank you CC for allowing me to escape my world even if it2&8#17;s just for a little while !!!!

      • I think I would kill myself from boredom if I had to work from home. If I take time off from work, I get bored enough to want to go back after a week or two. My sympathies for your dilemma … which is sweet on the days that I end up working 20+ hrs straight

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      • you were lying, just that you’re a journeyman and a writer who needs guys like Katims to exist for you to make a living, because if they didn’t exist you’d probably be teaching HS English or working at your local Gazette thinking you really made a difference in the world.

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      • What an amazing blog! I can’t wait to dive in. I love to cook and bake. But I “did” have a Kitchenaid mixer that died. Apparently they are now made with plastic inside and I’ve heard they break often. I’m going to try a different brand now

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      • Guarda caro Anonimo # 4 che hai il Dovere Tu Stesso di tentare per primo di salvarci dalla Serpe Astuta Satana … consulta pure Padre Fanzaga e Padre Amorth [in confronto ai quali il Cardinal Bagnasco e il Cardinal Ruini sono due Hippies Mistici di „Jesus Christ Superstar“ )))] per averne conferma !by DavidRitvanarium

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        Spectacular – love how your pride shines through in your writing and how you can see his accomplishment in his eyes and his smile! Cheers to you both!

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        I’ve got a Bradley (the smoke generator part anyway) attached to an old chest freezer that I’ve been using for a couple of years. I have had great luck with it. Major drawbacks being the cost and availability of the wood chip “biscuits”.

      • http://www./ napsal:

        Zmysłowość i romantyzm to nie tylko odsłonięte rękawy bluzek, halki oraz półprzeźroczyste tuniki na modelkach pozujących do i na bilbordy. Kiecki a także spódnice, kobiece sweterki sprawią, że każda kobieta, nie tylko ta pozująca do kobieta, może poczuć się naprawdę urzekająco.

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        Thought it wouldn’t to give it a shot. I was right.

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        rakel09/02/2012hola, me retiraron ayer los tapones. senti q respiraba muy bien pero pasados unos minutos se me congestionó la nariz. hasta cuando esta congestión nasal? gracias

        • Rose napsal:

          michele scrive:che schifo, è finita….per molti il problema è politico; fascisti comunisti anarchici brimaillaani….andbte a vedere come gioiscono i cacciatori di federfauna. è stato bello ma è durata poco: adesso siamo alle aggressioni tra animalisti, davvero una merda

      • Seriously, you need to hire an official photographer to follow you around for the purposes of this blog and do nothing else but photograph your food BEFORE you eat it, lol.

      • http://www./ napsal:

        Why not just squat over top of the Westnern style toilet?? I do that in public restrooms (sometimes "private" ones too!) in the US all the time. Still very much sanitary, but you're not on the floor!

      • http://www./ napsal:

        Hey..just wandered and came to your page and found today is the last day for you in college!!congratulations.. :)..treasure your memories and get ready for the world..best wishes..

      • Yes John it would, wouldn’t it? It is actually happening. Have you been to Germany recently? Look around you and all you see is awful art direction, combined with ill communication and bad typography. I am not sure that the German design schools particularly reference their great past, but certainly from what I have seen the landscape is certainly not a modernist one. BTW, I work in Germany frequently but I am not German.

      • styles into the workplace? Does using profiles actually Make Work Better? Yesterday we discussed Why Personality Matters Now. I made a promise that I will provide a common-sense approach to incorporating personality styles

      • Hello Robert, we’re spoilt just here with the skylarks, there are lots of them just up the road. As well as their song they’re good fun to watch.I reckon the rains must have washed away all types of agrochemicals applied in the spring. I don’t know what effect it has had on crop yields here in the UK, but I’d be keen to hear the stats.

      • Dears,It is interesting to read your commenting, which i belive in it too.Well, Bataween, i wish you can help me in finiding and contacting Zilka Family, i mean Naji's Brother (Heskial Zilkha : Abu Jameel) or his sons. My mom used to be the private teacher for his sons and daughters in Basra (Namely, Gracey, Toffaha, Caramella & Maurice). Please, if you know anything let me know. My Mom is with me in Dubai and she still remember them all with great faith as we used to be like one family. WM

      • Grant,We had the same problem in Chicago and everywhere we lived. As a native Texan I don’t understand why northerners are so prejudice against the south thinking we are a bunch of bible thumping rednecks. Must be that attitude of superiority they have.Next time someone shoves a bible in my face I need to ask them their political affiliation and prove Kay’s point that it is only right wing bible thumpers and not left leaning. Does that make Jerimiah Wright a republican because he sure was a thumper?

      • , hey. Lets destroy time and space just for giggles. Although I still believe its Mephilis <_< Solaris was a gods, gods can only be bound and forced down, not destroyed and put out simply like a flame.

      • http://www./ napsal:

        That’s a subtle way of thinking about it.

      • http://www./ napsal:

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      • I’m not easily impressed but you’ve done it with that posting.

      • Yang masih tak boleh faham sampai skang ada juga manusia sengal kena kencing hidup2? Dah sah2 mana ada jalan senang dapat kemewahan

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      • . may reason naman sya ok. alangan naman kayo wala ba kayong macomment when u see someone dancing on wowowee and on the other side ung kabaong ni tita cory? ung point lang nya is, if masaya, masaya dapat. contradictory naman kasi ung napakita. and if gusto nila ishow ung kay tita cory, inalis na sana ung program at that time

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    • Christy napsal:

      Tip was a good ‚ol boy. I would have downed some single malt with him after hours. Honorable enemies and all that. (That’s how Reagan saw him, anlaey.)Pwyosi is just a shrill bitch with a little temporary power.

      • Emeline napsal:


      • metalstorm napsal:

        Career satisfaction be damned. I work for money. It does not buy happiness, but it makes misery far easier to bear.BTW, don’t romanticize the Amish. They are ruthless puppy-mill breeders who will sell anything to anyone for a price. A few years ago someone posted a sign on the Pennsylvania Turnpike Lancaster exit: “Welcome to Lancaster, Puppy Mill Capital of the World.” It disappeared rather quickly. But it was and remains true.

      • It’s almost like they know they are out the door and by the time everything takes effect it will look like the GOP created the mess (again). Invest in the community by stop taking our hard earned money away and giving it to worthless low-lives. History has a funny way of repeating it’s self.

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      We had the same problem two times. The first camera failed on the second day of a Christmas Cozumel trip(2008). Returned it for a new one. Took it to Hawaii for Christmas (2009). On the second day it again leaked. We bought a throw away ࡈfilm⁚ underwater camera at a big box store to salvage our vacation. Very disappointing this happened two vacations in a row. Would not recommend this camera to anyone . We are very careful and meticulous people and feel that human error was not involved.

    • Tory napsal:

      Op vramgadjiddig achter mijn bureau op kantoor bedenk ik wat je nog meer zou kunnen doen met je tijd… Toen dacht ik aan jullie. Heel benieuwd hoe het jullie vergaat. Vast de tijd van je leven!

    • Trisha napsal:

      Brava Vivi. Rotolo molto carino (non amo particolarmente i rotoli ma questo e proprio bellinO) e soprattutto l&3ig;#mpiatta9e da dieci e lode.Stavo pensando al tuo diminutivo, Vivi. Credo che non ci sia bisogno di aggiungere altre parole. Un bacione

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    • Thanks for this post. I definitely agree with what you are saying. I have been talking about this subject a lot lately with my brother so hopefully this will get him to see my point of view. Fingers crossed!

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    • S tim motocyklovym svazem to byla jasna prasarna, v podstate s kamaradem zalozili novou organizaci a na tu prevedli dotace, ktere doted byly pro motocyklisty. Na ministerstvu se na kazdou vetsi zakazku dela vyberove rizeni, ale tady dobes prevedl obrovsky balik penez jen dle sve libovule kamaradovi. Autoklub utrel.

    • Je trouve que l'ajout de farine dans les barres de céréales est une bonne idée, cela doit donner de la tenue. Merci de ton passage sur mon blog !

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      This is an article that makes you think „never thought of that!“

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      Thats quite a difficult toss up >< Didn't know Fox News was in the 'sharks are teh dangerous' goon squad but anything goes when it comes to entertainment and tv ratings i guess.Also the PR Kit for Frenzied Waters is just waaay too creepy. Like – Eff this I'm never going swimming again creepy 🙁 I mean your own personalised obituary note? Great PR tactic, baaaad shark publicity ><

    • impotence napsal:

      I’m impressed. You’ve really raised the bar with that.

    • istima25/02/2013Hm….Točno da ih (opet)nema…. No ja se ne sjećam da su galeboviu Lici bili uobičajena pojava, dok su uobičajena bila jata vrana, i onda, nekoliko godina nisam vidio niti jednu vranu dok se polje bijelilo od galebova…. ÄŒini mi se da tu ima neka povezanost.

    • पाण्यात पडलं की पोहोता येतं आपोआप.. काळजी करु नका. अगदी काहीच आलं नाही तर..भाजीत भाजी मेथीची— माझ्या प्रीतीची..हा उखाणा ऑल टाइम ग्रेट आहेच..

      • Chris napsal:

        18 juin 2012If yo27;8u1&#re still on the fence: grab your favorite earphones, head down to a Best Buy and ask to plug them into a Zune then an iPod and see which one sounds better to you, and which interface makes you smile more. Then you’ll know which is right for you.  

    • That insight’s perfect for what I need. Thanks!

    • e8Que coisa linda uma entrevista da Marina aqui no Sweetest!!! 2 lindas que leio todo dia!!!! A Marina é uma fofa, os posts são muito bons e sem afetações! Amo!!

    • L’homme au cheveux rares dit :C est sur le terrain qui faut être chaud , c est vrai moi je le suis Peut être un peu trop … Comment va patchek !!! Toujours pas d équipe pour taper le ballon ?

    • + 10Pour certain(e)s la solution passe par changer un comportement, pour d’autres ça passe par le fait de rester ce qu’on est en en assumant les conséquences.

    • I wish that one day all Sami lands in Scandinavia would separate from the Scandinavian nations and join each other to be one single Sami nation, including Finland and the parts of Russia with Sami people What do you think of that?

    • theempire.bz napsal:

      Klaus Bloemker, no offense but you’re making a nice salad there. Political Islam was always around. You’re grabbing the issue by the tail instead of starting with the head. In other words, look into Leo Strauss and his work starting in the 1940s. And, read up a little about post-modern colonialism.

    • http://www./ napsal:

      Scrivi il tuo commento Puoi usare questi tags HTML : <a> <abbr> <acronym> <b> <blockquote> <cite> <code> <del> <em> <i> <q> <strike> <strong> var RecaptchaOptions = { theme : ‚red‘, lang : ‚en‘ , tabindex : 5 };   #submit {display:none;}

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        I loved KM Moning’s Fever series, but didn’t really like her Highlander one. I prefer paranormal stuff, horror, sci-fi, a little fantasy, UF, mystery, PNR. I don’t do a lot of contemporary unless it is m/mI follow a favorite author where ever they go. There is no guarantee I will like it, but I will definitely try it in answer to your qut0;ion&#823seI would read what ever you put out there.

    • That’s really thinking at a high level

    • Rina, thank you so much for reaching out and yes, I would LOVE to read your letter in full. You can send it to and I will see it. I have met and continue to meet wonderful people through this blog. I feel incredibly fortunate. It’s just wonderful to hear from you and meet you!

    • “You are the one who has to change.” I stopped reading, then I came back.I KNOW the WHY game… very well.. it works… very well.But here’s a question…. how to find balance from perhaps “too” much looking inward. It can turn, at times, to blame of self, when perhaps another is playing a part as well. (does this make sense?) But perhaps you’re saying… look inward, figure it out, then step forward again. Yes?By the way.. thank you for visiting my blog. It”s nice, meeting new people. Even if it is on the internets.

    • j’espere franchement que c’est une blague car j’apprecie pas du tout ce soit disant « nouveau ipod nano » pfff

      • Pepper napsal:

        Le référencement dont tu parles n’aurait-il pas de &lquoo; l&rsquu;impact &raaqo; ? Sinon, je veux juste réagir par rapport au découpage du trafic. Sans aller dans le sens de la société que tu critiques, je privilégie fortement une répartition par tier : 1/3 direct, 1/3 referer, 1/3 moteurs.

    • Hello Harry,Nice demos!You know how I am export collada with animations? All the collada files are static when I compile.They have animations in Blender but when I compile the movie all shows are static without animations.Thanks mate!I hope you help me!

    • http://www./ napsal:

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